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Exploratory Major Pathways

Exploratory Major Pathways Program

Newly admitted Exploratory Studies students are invited to join the Exploratory Major Pathways cohort. This program, intended for First-Time, Full-Time Freshmen, provides direction to students in the Exploratory Studies/Undecided major with high-contact support and guidance from our professional advisors.

The Exploratory Major Pathways program provides students with a plan of courses in one of four designated options. Each pathway option is associated with a cluster of majors.  The clusters allow students to complete early academic requirements while exploring coursework related fields, all while continuing to stay on track for graduation.

Select the Exploratory Major Pathways Cohort

As shared in the email notice, the first step to joining in this new program is to select the the pathway option that aligns with your interests. Review the options from within the table below before filling out the form.

Once you’ve made your selection, please submit the form below. The Advisement Center will receive your submission and build your schedule accordingly. Each Exploratory Studies/Undecided student’s schedule will contain foundational coursework, university requirements, and courses from the pathway option you select. If you opt out of the cohort, your schedule will contain courses selected to help you explore the different majors offered at WCSU in place of the pathway courses.

Please fill out your information below and select the pathway option that aligns with the area of your interest.

Register for an Exploratory Major Pathways Cohort:

Please note, WCSU does not offer Exploratory Major Pathway options for BS Nursing, BS Education, or the BFA Visual & Performing Arts programs. 

Pillars of Practice
Mapping pathways to student end-goals
  • 4-year Plans for each major are located in Degree Works
  • Students will be able to clearly see course requirements
  • Completion timeline
  • Opportunities for employment or further education at the conclusion of their undergraduate degree
Helping students choose and enter a pathway
  • Professional Advisors help students explore academic programs and related careers
  • Develop complete academic paths from Meta Major Options that align with interests
  • Meta Major Options include: Business, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Math, Science & Technology
Keeping students on a path
  • Track degree progress through Degree Works
  • Monitor student performance through Target X Student Success Center
  • Provide resources to support student success
Ensuring students are learning
  • Program learning aligns with university requirements
  • Track student outcomes to improve teaching
  • Learning outcomes align with requirements for success