Ancell School of Business

Financial or Managerial Accounting

Have Impact: Analyze or audit financial data, ensure compliance with tax and other regulations.

Accountants working for businesses, governments, or non-profits analyze and communicate financial information to stakeholders within and without their organizations. Accountants who become CPAs audit and lend credibility to clients’ financial statements, but also may be tax experts or consultants. Increasingly, these roles mean having skills to manipulate and analyze Big Data.

At WCSU’s Ancell School of Business, our accounting students explore the essential body of accounting knowledge, while developing skills needed for entry into the worlds of financial or managerial accounting.

Our graduates gain problem solving and communication skills, and an understanding of the “big picture” in highly competitive business environments.

We provide students with an education that focuses on the common body of knowledge of accounting and the development and application of skills needed for entry into the profession.

WCSU Accounting

Skilled accounting professionals: the foundation of all successful businesses.

WCSU Accounting

Degree Programs

BBA in Accounting (Financial option):
This track is intended for students whose career interest is the preparation or audit of financial statements intended for external users such as shareholders, analysts, or regulators. Students may go on to take the CPA exam and become Certified Public Accountants (see paragraph on professional licensing and certificates).

B.B.A. in Accounting
(Financial option)

B.B.A. in Accounting
(Managerial option)

BBA in Accounting (Managerial option):
This track is intended for students whose career interest is in being part of and providing analysis to management teams responsible for planning, directing, and controlling organizational activities. Students may go on to take the CMA exam and become Certified Management Accountants (see paragraph on professional licensing and certificates).
Minor in Accounting
A minor in accounting is offered to non-accounting students wishing to develop additional competence in accounting. This requires a total of 18 credit hours in accounting.

Students wishing to undertake a minor should consult with the accounting department chair.


Internships provide valuable hands on-experience and are a preview of professional life. Accounting firms use internships as the primary vehicle for recruitment and Ancell Accounting students intern with the Big_4 accounting firms as well as many that are regional or local.

WCSU’s Accounting Department graduates are able to:

  • Utilize critical thinking and data analysis skills to prepare and analyze financial statements.
  • Effectively communicate and convey accounting information orally and in writing.
  • Work in a group setting to solve complex financial and accounting problems.
  • Identify and resolve ethical issues related to the practice of accounting.
  • Demonstrate a broad understanding of accounting standards and an ability to resolve problems in the following areas: GAAP-US/IFRS accounting standards, tax rules and regulations, legal issues, fraud principles and standards, and business valuation standards.