SURF Program Description

SURF Program Description

The WCSU Biology SURF program gives undergraduate students an opportunity to experience and participate in hands-on research projects under the guidance of experienced mentors. Students follow a project from beginning to end and present their results at a scientific forum.

WCSU’s Biology SURF Program is now accepting applications! Applications should be postmarked no later than the deadline of March 15 of the application year.
INTERESTED IN APPLYING? Check out the links below for eligibility requirements, application information, and mentors.
**IMPORTANT**: you will need to contact your faculty mentor months in advance of the application deadline so as to provide adequate time for collaboration on the project proposal.

NEW for 2024 UConn Physiology and Neurobiology faculty join as SURF mentors. See flier.

WCSU’s Biology SURF is modeled on the grant-seeking process:

  • Students collaborate with potential mentors to define and develop a project
  • Applicants write research proposals for their projects
  • Faculty review the proposals and recommend awards
  • Students carry out the work over a 8 to 10-week period during the summer
  • At the conclusion of the program, students submit a technical paper and give a presentation at a scientific forum. Fellows receive a $4,000 award for successful completion of the program
  • On-campus housing may be available

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