Midtown Coffeehouse


The Midtown Coffeehouse was established in the fall of 2005 and has run continuously throughout the fall and spring semesters ever since. Thus it has become an event students can count on for their Thursday night entertainment – an hour of open mic followed by a featured performer or a themed evening of entertainment. Lately a number of table games have been added to the line-up of free food, sodas, and coffee so that students have a chance to socialize while listening to the performances.

Colonial Corner

The Midtown Coffeehouse briefly moved into the Danbury Room in the Midtown Student Center and then permanently relocated to the Colonial Corner, also in the Midtown Student Center, after its former home, Alumni Hall, was dedicated as the new Irfan Kathwari Honors House in 2015.

Alumni Hall

Magic Comedian Smart@$$ Michael Kent
performed at the Midtown Coffeehouse on October 15, 2009 in front of a huge crowd.

Photos by: Anot Ifrach

Faculty and Staff Talent Showcase
November 5, 2009

Special MC President Schmotter

Dr. Bill Petkanas on Guitar

Dr. Jeff Schlicht reading poetry

Dr. Darla Shaw and Co. with Accordion and Washboard


Former PAC President/Coffeehouse Assistant Emily Fromm (bottom left)
with members of the group Mook including actor Paul Dano