Ancell School of Business

WCSU's Cybersecurity Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

Protect computer systems, networks, and data from IT security threats – including cyberattacks

WCSU’s Cybersecurity degree provides you with education and training on both the managerial and business sides of Cybersecurity — leading to a wide range of government and business careers.

Our degree teaches you the technical and managerial areas of Cybersecurity; prepares you for a wide range of positions in Cybersecurity; provides a learning environment in which you experience real-world organizational security scenarios supported by state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

WCSU’s skilled Cybersecurity specialist degree incorporates two categories agreed upon by industry experts:

Cybersecurity specialists are in high demand and are critical to protecting business and personal information in the face of increasingly sophisticated hackers and malware.

BBA Cybersecurity


When you graduate, you’ll be able to:

  • Develop solutions for networking and security problems, balancing business concerns, technical issues and security requirements
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the core concepts, tools and methods used to secure computer systems, networks and data
  • Explain the concepts of confidentiality, availability and integrity in Cybersecurity including physical, software, devices, policies and people
  • Plan, implement and evaluate penetration testing and ethical hacking of computer systems and networks
  • Identify, analyze and mitigate cybersecurity threats to protect organizational assets
  • Demonstrate a strong understanding of the fundamental concepts of clouding computing, including cloud security