WCSU Faculty Handbook : Academic Policy and Procedures

Grading System – Graduate

Grades available for use are:


Generally, all procedures outlined above for undergraduate grading apply to graduate grades except that:

  • All referrals are to the Graduate
  • Incomplete grades must be made up within a semester of the time the incomplete mark was If not completed within that time, the grade becomes an “F” unless the instructor concerned has recommended an extension of time for justifiable cause. An extension of time for justifiable cause may not exceed one additional semester (Fall, Spring, Summer semesters). The only exception to this policy will be for those students making satisfactory progress while involved in a thesis or research project. Such students are limited only by the time allowed to complete the degree.
  • No mid-semester grades are
  • For the purpose of improvement of instruction, an evaluative instrument is used in each graduate course to obtain student reaction to instructors, course content, course procedures, and to general policies and

See also the Graduate Catalog.