WCSU Faculty Handbook : Academic Policy and Procedures

Grading System-Undergraduate

Regular Grades

* Assigning an Incomplete:  Incomplete grades may be awarded when a faculty member determines that circumstances warrant an extension of the typical deadline. The student will have made significant progress in the class, such that he or she may complete the final assignment(s) independently and within the time allotted.

Incomplete grades may be awarded in Banner, but faculty will be prompted to set the date of anticipated completion, and a default grade, should the work not be completed. If faculty do not enter this information, the default date will be six weeks from the original due date, and the default grade will be F.

Selective Grades


*Assigning RM (Remediate) or RP (Repeat) grade

Rationale for a student who has been doing all the assigned course work but whose academic deficiencies would need more than the usual time to achieve competence, the RM or RP grade makes it possible for the student to continue improving competence without being penalized for prior weakness.

The instructor arranges with the student for:

  • The type and extent of additional work required to meet the acceptable level of competence, and
  • The time limits within which the work is to be

Remediate or Repeat

  • RM: Requirement may include self-directed practice, review, or supplementary assignments administered by the same instructor or another instructor.
  • RP: Requirement is repeating the course with the same or different instructor. This is no limit to the number of times a student may repeat the same course when assigned RP.

When level of competence has been achieved

  • RM: Instructor submits a “Change of Grade Request Form” to change the RM to a C or better.
  • RP: Original RP remains on record (same as W and grade is submitted by instructor of the repeated course for credit.)

Administrative Grades