WCSU Faculty Handbook : Academic Policy and Procedures

Policies Pertaining to Instructional Departments and Teaching

Department Bylaws

Each department has its own bylaws, which are on file in the department offices.

Department Chairperson Selection

Each academic department is located within an appropriate school and has a Chairperson who is the official spokesperson for the department members. The Chairperson shall, under most circumstances, assume office on the first day of the academic year.

Selection Procedures

  1. Preamble

The department has the primary responsibility for selecting the individual who will serve as Chairperson because of the role the Chairperson has in the Department. The position interfaces with both the academic and administrative spheres of the University so that the Administration also has a right to be involved in the selection process.

The Department has the role of selecting the nominee and no individual may be appointed as Department Chairperson unless that person has been approved by the Department. The Departments must therefore exercise care and responsibility in their selection.

The Administration has the right to appointment and no individual may serve as Department Chairperson unless appointed by the Administration. However, because of the responsibility exercised by the Department in making its selection, it is expected that the individual nominated will be appointed except for compelling reasons.

Careful consideration by those who are involved should be given to the nomination and appointment of the Department Chairperson.

The individual who is Chairperson should have ability and interest in working effectively with and having concern for the faculty of the Department and students who utilize the Department; in curriculum development and review; in the Department functioning smoothly as an entity in itself and as a part of the University; in representing the Department to the profession at large.

The eligibility requirements, such as academic credentials, years of experience, etc., and the term of office will be contained in the Department bylaws.

      1. The Department, using the procedures and rules of eligibility as in its bylaws, elects one nominee.
      2. The Department submits to the School Dean, in writing, the name of the nominee and specifies the term of office.
      3. If the Dean and Department agree on the nominee, the Dean, as the designee of the President, appoints.
      4. If the Dean disagrees with the Department’s recommendation, the name is returned to the Department with an explanation, in writing, of the reasons for the disagreement. A mutually agreeable date is set at which time the Dean and Department meet to discuss and resolve the differences.
        1. If the Dean and the Department resolve in favor of the nominee, the Dean, as designee of the President,
        2. If the Dean and Department resolve in favor of a new election, the process goes back to Step 1
        3. In case of impasse, the process continues to Step 5
      5. In the event that an impasse arises and further discussion appears counterproductive, the following steps shall be taken:
        1. The name of the nominee shall be forwarded by the Department to the President of the
        2. The President shall call a joint meeting of the School Dean and the Department or Department’s At this meeting, the rationale of the Dean and of the Department will be given to the President.
        3. The President’s recommendation will be given to the
          1. If the recommendation is in favor of the Department, the President appoints the nominee as
          2. If the recommendation is not in favor of the Department, the procedure reverts to Step
      6. Department that wishes to select a Chairperson from off-campus
        1. If a Department wishes to select a Chairperson from off-campus and the School Dean concurs and if there is a faculty position available in that Department, then a Department Search Committee shall be The Dean shall be an ex officio member of that Committee.
        2. All established employment procedures for instructional faculty will be
      7. Chairperson for a Department formed from existing Departments
        1. Follow the procedure as in 1-5.
      8. Chairperson for newly created Departments
        1. The Dean appoints a Search Committee of three faculty members from the The Dean serves as an ex officio member of the Committee.
        2. All established employment procedures for instructional faculty will be
      9. Interim appointments caused by a leave of absence, resignation, or recall by the Department must be specified in Department bylaws.
        1. Follow procedure as in 1-5, except that the term will end on the same date as the term of the individual being replaced.
      10. Associate Chairpersons

      The election of an Associate Chairperson, term of office, and recall procedures will be contained in the bylaws of those Departments who want an Associate chairperson. Total reassigned time for Chairpersons shall not exceed that provided by the CSU-AAUP contract.

      1. Calendar for Selection of Department Chairperson
      Time Interval Section to be Initiated
      By 1 March of the year that the term of office of the Department Chairperson expires, or within 10 School days of a vacancy occurring. A.1
      Within 2 school days after A.1 A.2
      Within 10 school days after A.2 A.3, or, if needed A.4
      If needed, within 10 school days after A.4 A.5.a and A.5.b
      If needed, within 14 school days after A.5 (A.5a. and A.5.b.) A.5.C