WCSU Faculty Handbook : Academic Policy and Procedures

Procedures and Policies Governing Class Meetings, Size, Cancellation, and the Like

  1. Classes will meet at times scheduled. Neither students nor faculty may revise the schedule. Faculty may not schedule make-up classes for periods for which the faculty member has been absent nor may students expect faculty members to hold make-up classes resulting from student absences.
  2. Faculty members must notify their Department Chair or secretary in the event of inability to meet classes due to illness or emergency.
  3. From time-to-time the University schedule may be altered or suspended for special reasons. Such changes are administratively determined, and, except in emergencies, announced well in advance. These changes are binding on all faculty.
  4. A faculty member may permit a student who does not meet specific course prerequisites to enroll in a given class when he/she is convinced the student can do the work. A faculty member cannot deny any student who meets prerequisite requirements the right of enrollment.
  5. Class size limits shall be determined on sound educational principles by the appropriate Academic Dean in consultation with the Department (see CSU-AAUP contract).
  6. Cancellation of classes due to insufficient enrollment is administratively determined, whenever possible, in consultation with the Department Chair (see CSU-AAUP contract 10.7). Discussion of potential cancellations will be initiated by the Registrar, Academic Dean, or the Department Chair when enrollments are fewer than 10 students or below 50% capacity (depending on the scheduled class size), whichever is less. The ensuing discussion will include consideration of the following:
    1. Impact on progress toward degree completion, particularly for major requirements or critical pre-requisite courses,
    2. Program integrity, and
    3. Available seats in comparable courses, as indicated by the curriculum.

Cancellations must be posted to open/close no later than two-weeks prior to the start of the semester so that students have sufficient time to find alternatives.

G. When maximum class size has been reached, no additional students may be enrolled without the consent of the instructor of the class and the permission of the Department Chairperson. Such override that generates additional load credit for the instructor requires the written approval of the Dean of the School.

H. A student may register for a class after the beginning of the second week of the class only with the approval of the instructor of the course and the appropriate Dean.

Senate Approved R-07-03-03

Admin. Approval 10/26/07

Senate Approved R-21-02-05

Admin Approval 2/23/2021