WCSU Faculty Handbook : Academic Policy and Procedures

Process for Selecting Faculty to Participate in Graduate Programs

All faculty members who participate in graduate programs must meet the following university and departmental criteria:

  1. University Criteria
    1. Qualifications: Earned terminal degree appropriate to the faculty member’s discipline and to the graduate courses to be taught, or Achieved, significant, and highly recognized accomplishment in the field relevant to the graduate courses to be taught.
    2. Faculty Status: Both full-time and part-time faculty may participate in graduate programs, provided they meet the relevant university and departmental criteria.
    3. Demonstrated Competence: `Scholarly, research, creative, or professional activities appropriately published and/or reviewed, on a regular basis in the relevant field of study.
  2. Departmental Criteria
    1. Each department offering graduate courses will create, maintain, and enforce its own specific criteria for selecting faculty who participate in graduate programs.
    2. The Departmental Criteria must be consistent with the CSU/AAUP Collective Bargaining Agreement, the university’s strategic plan, the general university guidelines above, the missions of the department and the university, and the guidelines of appropriate accrediting agencies (e.g., AACSB, ACS, NECHE, OHE, CACREP, CEPH, NASAD, NASM, NCATE/CAEP, NASAD, NASM).
    3. Departmental criteria shall be presented to the school dean, the graduate dean, and the provost, and shall be used in selecting faculty who participate in graduate programs.


Revised Senate Approval: R97-5-1, 5/21/97 Senate Approved R-09-12-02
Revised Senate Approval: April 18, 2001 Admin. Approval 2/23/10
Administrative Approval: May 1, 2001