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WCSU Faculty Handbook : Curriculum and Academic Standards

Program Sheet Revision Procedures

Approved program changes that occur throughout the year via the Curriculum Approval Process are to be reflected in both the University Catalogs and on the program sheets. Program changes must be approved no later than January 30, to be included in the next year’s catalog. Approved program changes are recorded in the Curriculum Proposal Process (Sharepoint) and are available for reference by all departments and deans. The Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs will initiate all University-wide changes, i.e., changes in literal prefix, common core revision, etc.

Program sheets are updated annually before the Summer New Student Orientation program, and are dated to coincide with corresponding catalog years. Updates to the program sheet are managed by the Registrar’s Office.

Program sheets must be consistent with the University Catalogs. Current and four years of archived program sheets are posted on the university’s website.

May 12, 1986
Provost/VPAA , Updated 2012

Provost/VPAA, Updated 2019