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WCSU Faculty Handbook : Curriculum and Academic Standards

Student Academic Standing

Eligibility for Dean’s List

An appropriate academic standard for eligibility for Dean’s List should be a minimum of 12 graded (standard option) credits satisfactorily completed with an average of 3.5. The only exception is for those students whose minimum of 12 credits includes course work required in his/her program of student that must be taken on a pass/fail basis, excluding course credits that do not count toward graduation and whose semester average and cumulative are both at least 3.5.

Senate Approval: May 26, 1989

Admin. Approval: June 18, 1989

Eligibility for Dean’s List for Part-Time Undergraduates

The academic standard for the Dean’s List for part-time undergraduate students is a minimum of 12 semester hour credits satisfactorily completed within one academic year (fall and spring semesters) with a grade point average of at least 3.5. The only exception is for students whose minimum of 12 credits includes course work (a) that is required in a program of study, taken on a pass/fail basis, and (b) that does not count toward graduation. For such students, both the academic year average and the cumulative GPA must both be at least 3.5.

Senate Approved R-07-09-03

Administrative Approval 10/26/07

Academic Probation Policy

Academic probation letters from the Dean are sent concurrently with end-of-semester grade reports to each first semester freshman with a grade point average below 1.7 and to all other students with averages below 2.0. Students on probation must meet with their advisors to review their program requirements, course selections, credit loads, and other pertinent information.

The probationary period will commence the semester following the one for which the letter of probation was initially issued. The Dean will review the student’s activities during the period of probation.

Probation shall be limited to one semester only, i.e., probation may not be extended to a consecutive semester.

Should the student not meet the required average, the student shall be suspended for academic deficiency. Students on probation should consider a semester course load of 12 credit hours and limit their participation in co-curricular activities. Appeals to these policies should be made to the appropriate Dean who, for extenuating circumstances only, may waive the policy.

Admin. Approval: April 18, 1986*

*Clarification of President: Of course, individual schools or programs may have standards for probation and dismissal from that school or program that are higher than the University standards. A student can be on probation or be dismissed from a school or program and still be in good standing at the University.