WCSU Faculty Handbook : Health, Safety, and Security

Facilities and Operations Services

The Facilities and Operations Services team provides a host of services ranging from hazardous waste disposal and recycling services to task specific safety assessments and training. Our more popular services include:

Hazardous Waste Disposal Services—All hazardous waste generating and Disposal activities are to be coordinated through the Health and Safety Team. There is no cost for our services. Health and Safety ensures the correct storage of regulated wastes and responsible treatment and disposal options are utilized.

Ergonomics Assessment/Training—Ergonomic assessments and training is conducted through the Public Safety team and consists of a work station analysis, employee analysis and recommendations for corrective actions. The Health and Safety team can in many instances provide equipment to aid individuals with specific ergonomic needs.

The following is a list of Directives and Procedures, which have been adopted as University Policy:

Facilities Work Orders

Facilities Work Orders (Maintenance Work Orders) are administered through the Facilities and Operations Services Department.  Work orders for services such as office moves, repairs, and cleaning are processed through an electronic work order system.  Access to the system is available through the University web site here.

Environmental Programs

Protocols for environmental initiatives can be found here.

Safety Policies and Programs

Protocols for safety programs can be found here.

Emergency Evacuation of Persons with Physical Limitationopens PDF file

In accordance with all applicable regulations, these policies are reviewed and/or revised on a regular basis to ensure continued applicability. To review the most current revision of the referenced documents, access the Western Connecticut State University web page here.

Revised May 7, 2004

Procedures for State Vehicle Reservation and Use

The Facilities and Operations Services Department is responsible for vehicle reservations.  Reservations for available vehicles can be made by submitting a work-order through the University Work Order System.

Electronic self-serve key boxes will be installed in the University Police Department allowing for the self-service access of approved requested vehicles.  Additionally, the Facilities and Operations Services Department website will be updated with a new Fleet Operations Manual. The new manual will include all the necessary information to make your vehicle use on and off campus safe and successful.

Sequence of Operations for Requestors:

  1. Log on to Maintenance Direct work-order system here.
  2. Generate work-order describing type of vehicle needed and period of time;
  3. The requestor will receive a series of notifications as the work-order is managed and when it is approved;
  4. Pick up vehicle keys and document from University Police Department;
  5. Have a safe trip!
  6. Return vehicle to a predetermined parking area; return vehicle keys and documentation to University Police

If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please contact Brendan Leddy, Associate Director of Facilities Services – Grounds Operations at 203-837-8419. (Rev. 7/22)