WCSU Faculty Handbook : Health, Safety, and Security

Report an Access Problem

Work Order Request

This includes problems with any regular locks, card access locations, or key boxes.

Please put in your request using the Internet through the University’s computerized, Internet-based SCHOOLDUDE work order system.

  1. Enter the address schooldude.com and select client login.
  2. Sign If you do not have an ID in the SCHOOLDUDE system, please contact your department secretary, resident director of William McDevitt in the Maintenance trades area.
  3. Select the product we use from the drop down list below the sign on (Maintenance Direct)
  4. Use the web interface to log your

We strongly recommend you “save to favorites”, the account log-in screen on your internet browser so you don’t forget the address and you will always know where/how to get in and make requests.

Please note that you can mark a request as an emergency, however we also ask you to contact the WestConnect Office at 837-9311 during regular hours or Campus Security at 837-9300 for emergency services.

Report a Lost Key/Card

Lost keys and/or cards should be reported immediately to the WESTCONNect Card Office during normal business hours.  After-hours, lost keys and cards may be reported to the University Police Department.

Lost keys may result in an area being re-keyed.  Costs for re-keying an area may be charged back to the department.

Residence Hall Access

The university’s residence halls are secured at all times.  All residents’ cards are programmed for access to their assigned buildings.  A WESTCONNect Card must be presented in order to enter the building; at no time should anyone hold open a door to allow another person to enter the building without using a card.  If you are visiting someone in the residence hall, please use the courtesy phone by the main entrance to call the person whom you are visiting.

Access to individual residence rooms is managed by the Residence Life staff.

Lost cards should be reported immediately to the Resident Director so that the card access may be deactivated.  Temporary cards are available from the Resident Directors until a replacement card may be obtained at the WESTCONNect Card Office during the next business day.

Contractor Access

All authorizations for contractors must be coordinated through the university’s Planning and Engineering office (203-837-8679).  Contractors will not be issued keys or access cards directly, but rather may obtain the required access medium upon check-in at the University Police Department.  It is required that contractors check-in and check-out with the University Police Department each day they are working on the campus.

It is mandatory that the company provide a contact name and telephone number for the primary person responsible for the use of the keys, i.e. that all keys/cards are used properly and returned to the University Police Department.  All cards and keys must be returned to the University Police Department daily.  All subcontractor information must be submitted as well.  Subcontractors are subject to the same access procedures as the general contractor.

The university’s receipt and responsibility statement is applicable to contractor personnel.  An issued key must remain in the possession of the person authorized to sign for them at all times, until returned to the University Police Department.  Contractors should be instructed to bring a valid form of photo identification and proof of employment to the University Police Department when signing out keys.

PIN Code

All university community members must choose a 4-digit PIN to be utilized with their card for door security purposes.  In order to establish a PIN, please visit the WESTCONNect Card Office.


Closed Circuit Television is in use in various public areas on both campuses.  Areas include the parking garages, lobbies of residence halls, 24- hour computer labs, and exteriors of buildings.  All cameras are recording and may be monitored.  Retrieval of video may be conducted by the University Police Department as it related to criminal investigation.

Revised 7/05 Revised 8/09