Faculty Handbook

Academic Honesty Report


(To be completed by student)
II. By signature, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Academic Honesty Policy provided at the time this form was received. I understand that only the precise penalty stated above will be imposed unless there is evidence of previous honesty violations in which case additional penalties may be imposed.
  ____ I admit responsibility for the incident described above and accept the penalty from the instructor.
  ____ I request a hearing with the appropriate department chair and faculty member. I understand that I will be allowed to remain in my classes until the appeal process is completed.
    ________________________________________________ ___________________________
    (student’s signature) (date signed)
    If student refused to sign, the penalty stands.  
Department Chair
School Dean
Graduate Dean (if applicable)
Dean of Students
Senate Approved as Revised: R-06-05-02
Administrative Approval: 9/6/06



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