Faculty Handbook

General Education Com. Intent to Include a Course in the Gen Ed Curriculum

Please check the area proposed and attach course proposal and rationale for inclusion

[ ] Communication Skills: This course fulfills a communication skills requirement.

Humanities (Seven areas)

[ ] Fine and Applied Arts: This course contributes to the understanding of the processes of creation in
  the fine and performing arts, and/or the appreciation of methods of evaluating the arts.
[ ] Communication: This course contributes to the understanding of expression, relational
  communication, media appreciation/criticism, or communication and social interaction.
[ ] World Languages and Literature: This course involves learning another language or reading
  literature and writing in another language.
[ ] Humanistic Studies: This course contributes to the understanding of the philosophy and human
  activities in the arts, society, morality, or other aspects of philosophy and the human condition.
[ ] Literature: This course involves substantial reading and analysis of texts.
[ ] Philosophy: This course contributes to the understanding of philosophy, including its history, logic,
  critical reasoning, ethical issues, or religion.
[ ] History: This course contributes to the familiarity with basic historical content in key periods in history across the world.

Social and Behavioral Sciences (Three areas)

[ ] Non-Western Cultures: Courses in this category introduce students to cultural norms and patterns
  of civilizations associated with Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Native America, and
  elsewhere, alternative to those of the Greco-Roman and European traditions. .
[ ] Psychology: This course contributes to the understanding of the methods and content of the
  discipline of psychology.
[ ] Social Sciences: This course contributes to the understanding of anthropology, economics,
  geography, political science or sociology

Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science

[ ] Lab Science: This is a course in a physical or natural science which includes a laboratory
[ ] Mathematics: This course contributes to the understanding of mathematics at the college level.
[ ] Computer science: This course involves computer concepts, computer principles and algorithmic
  processes; their design and use in problem-solving; their application; and their impact on society.

Physical Education

[ ] Health & Physical Exercise: This course includes a physical activity in recreation or sports
  and/or contribute to one’s physical well being.

Senate Approved R-05-12-6
Pres. Approved 3/9/06
Rev. Senate Approved R-08-02-01
Administrative Approval 5/2/08

Rev. Senate Approved R-11-10-03

Administrative Approval 11/7/11

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