Faculty Handbook

Use of Human Subjects in Research Memorandum

TO: All Members of the Faculty  
FROM: Chairperson, Institutional Review Board (formerly Human Subjects Review Committee) and Director of Grant Programs
DATE: ________________________20___  
SUBJECT: Use of Human Subjects in Research  

We attach hereto an abstract of the University’s Multiple Project Assurance, in accordance with the guidelines published by the Office of Protection Against Research Risks of the National Institutes of Health of the Department of Health and Human Services. Please keep this copy for reference. Copies of the Code of Federal Regulations (45CFR36-Revised 3/8/83) are available in the Office of Grant Programs.

The Institutional Review Board (formerly the Human Subjects Review Committee) has responsibility for monitoring all research involving human subjects, whether funded or not. The IRB has adopted the following plan to assure maintenance of records of experiments involving humans. The purpose of these records is to provide written assurance that the rights of the subjects are respected and that the risk of physical, social and psychological injury is minimal. Reiteration of the following procedures at this time does not signify dissatisfaction with present treatment of human subjects, but rather the perception of the need for a written record which will substantiate the facts and, at the same time, avoid unnecessary paperwork.


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