Faculty Handbook

XIII.  Student Academic Services

The following activities are under the supervision of the Provost/V.P. for Academic Affairs.

Academic Advisement Center

The Academic Advisement Center is located on the mid-town campus in Higgins Hall, room 214B. The Center has three advisors to assist Undeclared majors with course selection and registration. The Academic Advisement Center has up-to-date information on all academic programs at the university and can assist full and part-time Undeclared students in choosing a major area of study. In addition, the Academic Advisement Center staff acts as a liaison between the Counseling Center, Career Development and all other academic departments on campus.

To learn more about the Center, visit their website at www.wcsu.edu/aac. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment with an advisor, call 203-837-8397.

Campus Center—Westside This facility serves as a student center for the Westside campus. The Campus Center provides

  1. A full-service cafeteria and dining area
  2. Fitness center
  3. Ballroom
  4. Multi-purpose meeting and conference rooms
  5. Computer Lab
  6. Student activity space
  7. Lounge areas and related campus-life and student-life facilities
  8. The building also features The CLUB, a new concept in late-night dining, with Seattle’s Best Coffee, pastries and entertainment, all set in a beautiful lounge with wireless Internet availability.

Additionally, the office administers CLEP (College Level Examination Program, MAT (Miller Analogies Test) and provides testing for distance learning students and coordinates graduate exam information on GMAT, LSAT, etc.

Ancell Learning Commons

Westside, Classroom Building, Young Library


We strive to deliver a positive and personalized learning experience for all students through:

  1. Free tutoring in business subjects geared to the needs of Ancell Students.
  2. WCSU YOUR MONEY, our personal financial literacy program offering a variety of on-line and in-person services   (www.wcsuyourmoney.com).
  3. Business focused, strategy based coaching for Ancell students on academic probation that is intended to make graduation their prime life-goal and provides tools to achieve that objective.
  4. A wide range of support services, online resources and enrichment events and workshops designed to help each student draw the greatest value from their Ancell education.

International Services

The Coordinator of International Services assists students (and their spouses/dependents) in obtaining and maintaining F-1 non-immigrant visa student status. The Coordinator helps students to navigate the processes of non-immigrant F1 regulations and University procedures. The Coordinator can provide general information regarding other non-immigrant visa types, assists with change of status to F1 non-immigrant student status and referrals to appropriate resources. The Coordinator develops an international student orientation program/on-going programming to facilitate learning about U.S. culture and maintaining valid F1 non-immigrant status.

The Learning Centers (TLC) at WestConn

The Learning Centers at WestConn are three independent labs based in the School of Arts and Sciences that provide academic services for students. Professional staff are available to students who need help in specific subjects or who want to improve their skills to become better students. All three labs are connected to the Internet capability and are equipped with IBM and/or Apple computers for student use. The Labs are located on the first floor of Berkshire Hall on the Midtown Campus and are open weekdays, selected evenings and, if possible, weekends. Students are welcome to visit the labs on a drop-in basis or by appointment. Information about the current hours of operation and the specific services offered in each lab are available by calling each lab.

The Tutoring Resource Center (104 Berkshire Hall, [203] 837-9245) www.wcsu.edu/trc The Tutoring Resource Center is run by the Writing Department and is designed to provide assistance to students who need one-on-one tutoring (free of charge) in any subject related to their coursework.  Students also may receive assistance in skill areas such as reading, outlining, note taking, studying, time management, test taking, research, and word processing. Students can work one-on-one with professional staff members in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. They may choose to work independently on the center's computers; to work with student tutors; or to form small study groups. 

The Math Clinic (105 Berkshire Hall, [203] 837-9244) is run by the Mathematics Department.  The Math Clinic works on a first come, first served, walk-in basis.  Appointments cannot be made.  The tutors in the Clinic are thee to support the needs of students taking 100 and 200-level mathematics courses.  Occasionally, tutors will try to help students with general math questions in non-mathematics classes but this is not their primary purpose or expertise.  In general, the tutors willb e helping groups of students in a variety of courses.  There is no extended one-on-one tutoring in the Mathematics Clinic.  Students who are interested in extended one-on-one tutoring are directed tot he Tutoring Resource Center.  Note that tutors will not help with take-home exams, ALEKS assessments and other forms of assessments that must be completed by the individual student.

The Writing Lab (106 Berkshire Hall; [203] 837-8728) is run by the Writing Department.  It is a place where students can get professional help with their writing. The Lab provides an opportunity for student writers to work one-on-one with experienced tutors in all aspects of writing: grammar, development, style, organization, and mechanics.


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