Finance & Administration

Finance & Administration Divisions

Senior Staff – alphabetical by department

Administrative Services
Lisa Condon,
Phone: 203.837.8657
Fax: 203.837.8659

Budgets & Financial Planning
Mufu Weng,
Phone: 203.837.8248
Fax: 203.837.8503

Cashier’s Office
Erica Thompson,
Phone: 203.837.8382

Event & Conference Management and Auxiliary Services
John Murphy,
Phone: 203.837.8395

Todd Lukas,
Interim Associate Vice President/Chief
Phone: 203-837.9318

Fiscal Affairs
Peter Rosa,
Controller & Director
Phone: 203.837.8376
Fax: 203.837.3217


Human Resources
Fred Cratty,
Chief Human Resources Officer
Phone: 203.837.8665
Fax: 203.837.8613

Information Technology & Innovation
John DeRosa, Interim Chief Information Officer
Phone: 203.837.9806

Media Services
Rebecca Woodward, Digital Innovation Officer
Phone: 203.837.8760

University Police
Robert Berry,
Chief of Police
Phone: 203.837.9301