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The Division of Finance and Administration utilizes many forms that are used frequently by faculty, staff, and students.  In an effort to centralize these forms in one location, we have provided links below to many of these forms.  If there is a form that you use but do not see here, please send us feedback, and we will include that form for the future. This page will also house resources provided by the Division of Finance and Administration.


Certain forms are presented in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please download and install it from Adobe’s web site.



Certificate of Insurance (COI):

When requesting a Certificate of Insurance from a vendor please request the following:

  • State of Connecticut be named as a certificate holder
  • Western Connecticut State University be named as a certificate holder
  • The address should appear as follows:

State of Connecticut

Western Connecticut State University

181 White Street

Danbury, CT  06810

(do not include an individuals name in this space)

  • Attach a copy of the endorsement page from the policy

Once you receive a Certificate of Insurance (COI) containing all this information, attach the appropriate request and send it to the Purchasing Office for processing.  If you are requesting in a Pre-Auth app request this information must also be attached.