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First Year Program :

Goal Setting and Motivation


After completing this module you should be familiar with [Insert Topic Here]. In particular after reviewing the content below you should better understand:

  • Habits and practices necessary for continuing academic success,
  • How to set an academic goal and create accompanying behaviors/habits to reach that goal, and 
  • How to apply goal setting knowledge to review their goals for practicality and obstacles.

Timing & Prerequisites

This module should take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. There are no particular prerequisites for this module, it would be good to complete this early in the semester so that you can use these techniques to plan your path to success.

Learning Materials

Review the following content about [Topic Here] and then check your understanding below.

Checking Your Understanding

Complete the goal mapping worksheet by deciding where you want to be academically at the end of the semester (Outcome Goal), how you will accomplish that goal (Process Goals), and what you will do to accomplish these goals (Actions and Tasks).