WCSU Returns to Normal, Reopening Information and Covid-19 Updates

First Year Program :

Navigating Blackboard


After completing this module you should be familiar with how to Navigate Blackboard Learn. In particular after reviewing the content below you should better understand:

  • A part of WCSU’s Virtual Campus,
  • How to log into Blackboard and set up your profile, and
  • How to submit basic assignments and participate in discussions.

Timing & Prerequisites

This module should take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Before you start this module make sure you have your Western Connecticut State University username and password.  You should try and complete this prior to the start of the semester so that you are ready to jump into any of your courses which may be using Blackboard.

Learning Materials

The following materials may be helpful resources as you start to learn about Blackboard.

Check Your Understanding

Now try logging in to Blackboard HERE, and practice:

  • Changing your profile picture,
  • Uploading a file for an assignment,
  • Participating in a discussion, and
  • Taking a quiz.