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First Year Program :

Managing Your Time


After completing this module you should be be better at Managing Your Time. In particular after reviewing the content below you will better understand:

  • Some habits that contribute to continuing academic success,
  • The importance of managing your time and setting priorities,
  • The differences between a variety of types of schedules, and
  • How to create a weekly schedule to complete academic/personal responsibilities.

Timing & Prerequisites

This module should take about 30 to 60 minutes to complete depending on how much of the content you complete. There are no particular prerequisites for this module, it would be good to complete this module a week or two into the semester once your class schedule is set and you have a better idea of your day to day needs.

Learning Materials

Review the following content about Managing Your Time and then check your understanding below.

Checking Your Understanding

Click Here to check your understanding of how you can be better at Managing Your Time.