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First Year Program :

Reading Strategies


After completing this module you should be familiar with effective Reading Strategies. In particular after reviewing the content below you will better understand:

  • Habits and practices necessary for continuing academic success,
  • The importance of active reading in the learning process,
  • How to read a difficult text using pre-reading, reading and post reading techniques, and
  • Understand how to use SQ3R to effectively read your textbooks.

Timing & Prerequisites

This module should take about 20 – 30 minutes to complete. You should complete this module early in the semester (within the first 4 weeks) in order to develop the necessary textbook reading skills needed for college learning and preparation. The prerequisite for this module is access to your textbooks.

Learning Materials

Review the following content on active reading and then follow the link below to check your understanding.

Checking Your Understanding

CLICK HERE to check your understanding of Effective Reading Strategies.