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Garden Manager 2022-2023

Our new garden manager for this year is Rosemary Siguencia. She is a Freshman majoring in Studio Arts with a minor in Psychology. Rosemary describes herself as a creative thinker, respectful, responsible, and optimistic person. About her motivation for becoming the garden manager, she said, “My motivation to become the garden manager derives from my love for nature and passion for helping maintain a clean environment. Gardening is one way to appreciate the beauty of nature and I hope to share that with others as well as encourage others to take care of our planet.”



Garden Manager 2021-2022

Aakanksha_2021Aakanksha Koppisetti was our previous Garden Manager. She is an Honor’s student in JLA and the outgoing Chair of the Roots and Shoots’ Student Club on campus. She took over the reins of the garden when Charla Beauvais, an ANT/SOC major, graduated.




Garden Consultant Ashley Kenney, 2019 – 2022 

Garden Consultant Ashley Kenney

It is my extreme privilege to be able to consult for the Jane Goodall Permaculture Garden on the campus of Western Connecticut State University.  The JGPC holds a dear spot in my heart and throughout its 7 years of existence has been very successful in the donation of food to the WCSU dining hall, to community members in need, and in teaching students as well as Danbury youth about permaculture and local food systems.


This year my goal is to help the garden get back to its permaculture roots and oversee the installation of rhubarb, blueberry bushes, Pawpaw trees, asparagus, and King Henry Spinach to add to the already lengthy list of perennial fruits and vegetables that are growing.  I then hope to pair the Garden with local food pantries that will accept produce throughout the growing season. I also aim to identify a handful of students on campus who are in need of fresh fruits and vegetables and create a weekly box that they can pick up free of charge to take to their homes and use in exchange for occasional work in the garden.  If you have any questions about the work we are doing or want to volunteer, please email JaneGoodallCenter@connect.wcsu.edu