Office of Graduate Studies

Graduate Registration Information

New Students

If you are a new student seeking to obtain a graduate degree you need to file a graduate application and submit any supporting documents required for your program of interest. Once an acceptance decision has been made, you will be instructed on how to proceed with your registration.

Graduate Studies Application for Admissions

Non-Degree Seeking Students

Students seeking to take a course(s) to fulfill academic requirements for a certification or seeking to take a course for general interest need to complete the Graduate Studies Application for Non-Degree Students. Permission to take the course(s) may require permission from the Department Chairperson and/or School Dean.

Graduate Studies Application for Non-Degree Studentsopens WORD file

Current Students

Students who are accepted into a cohort model program will be automatically registered each term. If you have any questions regarding automatic registration, you can contact the Office of Graduate Studies at graduateadmissions@wcsu.educreate new email . Students who are not in a cohort model program will register through the WCSU Banner Web Services Portal.

Senior Citizens

~ONLY Connecticut State resident senior citizens over 62 years of age may register for a $60 fee along with faxing, scanning or by bringing to the Office of Graduate Studies Course Registration Form and any other documentation (transcripts) that may be required.  All others must pay standard tuition rates.  Senior citizens taking advantage of the $60 fee may only register prior to the start of the semester on a space-available basis (Check registration date HERE). If you have any question you may contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 203 837-8243 or email us at new email

Senior Citizen Audit

Senior citizens who do not seek degree credit may audit any course with permission of the instructor. Auditors are subject to those conditions established by the instructor. You must obtain approval to audit within the first four weeks for full semester courses or within the first two weeks for courses scheduled less than a full semester. Audited courses carry no credit. Audit forms may be obtained at the Office of Graduate Studies.

Please contact the Cashier’s Office at 203 837-8381 with questions in regard to tuition waivers for senior citizens looking to receive credit for courses.

A full listing of courses by semester is available at

Connecticut Resident Senior Citizen Waiver

Any Connecticut resident 62 or over who is a full-time student is exempted from the state tuition charge and the state university fee.  All other fees are not waived.  Senior citizens attending the university as part-time students pay a $60 non-refundable registration fee, student activity fee, lab fee and transcript fee when taking any continuing education courses.  Senior citizens must be Connecticut residents and show proof of residency.  Acceptable forms of identification needed to verify residency are:

  • Connecticut driver’s license or
  • Current automobile registration or
  • Federal and state income tax return

Course Registration Form

Course Registration Form

Schedule of Courses

Use the schedule of courses open/close system to view the course selection for each term:

Schedule of Courses Open/Close System