Health Promotion & Exercise Sciences

Honors Convocation Award Recipients

Each year Western Connecticut State University recognizes and awards outstanding individuals, departments and organizations. We are proud to share with you the HPX Department’s present and past recipients. Congratulations to you all!

The four awards are the HPX Distinguished Service Award, the Institute of Holistic Health Studies Awards, the Jennifer Reid Community Health “Rising Star Award, and the HPX Distinguished Alumni Award.


HPX Distinguished Service Award:

The HPX Distinguished Service Award recognizes individuals, departments and organizations who have provided sustained, extraordinary service to the Department of Health Promotion and Exercise Sciences at Western Connecticut State University.

2023 – Denise Colaianni

2022 – Robyn Houseman

2021 – Christel M. Autuori

2020 – Jennifer Zdziarski

2019 – Elizabeth Koschel

2018 – Lisa Morrissey

2017 – Jody Rajcula


Institute of Holistic Health Studies Awards:

This award, established in 2001, is given to full-time undergraduate students who exhibit outstanding character. Special consideration is given to those who have demonstrated an interest in the healing arts and in community service. Preference is given to majors from the Department of Health Promotion and Exercise Sciences.

2023 – Julia Silva & Sara Risko

2022 – Isabelle Gonillo & Rameezah Ahmed

2021 – Natalie R. Nevola & Osheonna A. Israel

2020 – Eileen Heske & Artavia Walden

2019 – Ryan F. Koschel & Alyssa Rose Ramos

2018 – Michele Campbell & Ryan Grenier

2017 – Doreen Frey and Nicole Cammett

2016 – Samantha Andronaco and Monise Lamour

2015 – Courtney Coogan and Cierra Ambrose

2014 – Briana Leger and Marina Deyle

2013 – Michaela Hastings and Brittany Chengeri

2012 – Jessica Evans, Tracy Sales, and Abigail Rasmussen

2011 – Stephanie DeSousa, Ann Marie Mazza, and Pete Heinlein

2010 – Valerie Caraluzzi and Emily Lockhart

2009 – Kristina Braun and Alphonso Colucci

2008 – Kristin Goncalves, Ashley Debenian, and Raffaelle Perri

2007 – Kedemah Joseph and Diane Kurimai


Jennifer Reid Community Health “Rising Star” Award:

This award is given to an HPS major who demonstrates excellence as an emerging community health professional. The award recognizes outstanding work in both academic and practice settings and is based on academic performance, involvement with the department, and demonstration of outstanding commitment to health promotion and disease prevention with a focus on community involvement. Eligible candidates must have completed a minimum of 60 credits, with a GPA of at least 3.0. Preference will be given to a nontraditional student. This award requires a nomination by an HPX faculty member and a majority vote.

2023 – Molly Farquharson

2022 – Lisha Rana

2021 – Isaac R. Combs

2020 – Heather Morey

2019 – Heather N. Repko


HPX Distinguished Alumni Award:

The HPX Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes exceptional achievement by graduates of the Health Promotion and Exercise Sciences Department at Western Connecticut State University. An award may be in recognition of a particular achievement of note, a series of notable achievements, or a career of noteworthy accomplishment.

2023 – Janae Miller

2022 – Kristin A. Goncalves

2021 – Julianna L. Fodera

2020 – Josh Vaghi

2019 – Alyssa G. Knapp