Institute for Holistic Health Studies

IHHS Student Awards

Pictured, left to right: Dr. Robyn Housemann, Briana Leger, Marina Doyle

Pictured, left to right: Dr. Robyn Housemann, Briana Leger, Marina Doyle

Student Awards

IHHS sponsors have made it possible to offer annual IHHS student awards to WCSU students who express an interest in holistic health studies. We thank the following past and present sponsors for contributing to the success of IHHS programs and scholarships: Embody the Sacred (Deana Paqua), Lotus Gardens Yoga School (Lara Azzarito Ward), Discover your Path to Wellness (Robyn Housemann), Integrative Health CT (Christel Autuori), WCSU Student Affairs, Topical Biomedics, Inc., Associates in Kinleining, Inc., Waterbury Hospital, Webster Bank, Katonah, NY Study Group, and LOTUS at Waterbury Hospital. All sponsorship monies were given in awards to HPX students who have exhibited an interest in holistic and integrative health.
Award Criteria: This award is given to a full-time undergraduate student of outstanding character. Special consideration is be given to students with a demonstrated interest in the holistic healing arts and community service. Preference is given to majors from the Department of Health Promotion and Exercise Sciences School of Professional Studies. Recipients are chosen by the director of the IHHS and the HPX department chairs.

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Previous Award Recipients

  • 2004 IHHS Award Recipients: Kathleen Hehl-Curran, Katelyn Guilino
  • 2005 IHHS Award Recipients: Catherine Vachon, Ann Marie Lohan
  • 2006 IHHS Award Recipients: Catherine Vachon, Ann Marie Lohan
  • 2007 IHHS Award Recipients: Kedemah Joseph, Diane Kurimai
  • 2009 IHHS Award Recipients: Kristina Braun and Alphonso Colucci
  • 2010 IHHS Award Recipients: Valerie Caraluzzi, Emily Lockhart
  • 2011 IHHS Award Recipients: Stephanie DeSousa, Ann Marie Mazza, Pete Heinlein
  • 2012 IHHS Award Recipients: Jessica Evans, Tracy Sales, Abigail Rasmussen
  • 2013 IHHS Award Recipients: Michaela Hastings, Brittany Chengeri
  • 2014 IHHS Award Recipients: Briana Leger, Marina Deyle
  • 2015 IHHS Award Recipients: Cierra Ambrose, Courtney Coogan
  • 2016 IHHS Award Recipients: Monise Lamour, Samantha Andronacco
  • 2017 IHHS Award Recipients: Nicole Cammett, Doreen Frey
  • 2018 IHHS Award Recipients: Michelle Campbell,  Ryan Grenier
  • 2019 IHHS Award Recipients: Alyssa Ramos, Ryan Koschel
  • 2020 IHHS Award Recipients: Eileen Heske and Artavia Walden
  • 2021 IHHS Award Recipients: Natalia R. Nevola and Osheonna A. Israel
  • 2022 IHHS Award Recipients: Rameezah Ahmed and Isabel Gonillo
  • 2023 IHHS Award Recipients: Julia Boni Silva and Sara Risko

Stephanie DeSousa, WCSU graduate and recipient of the IHHS award in 2011. She completed her medical education at the University of Bridgeport, College of Naturopathic Medicine in May 2016. She is in private practice in Ridgefield, CT.  Stephanie presented a Wellness Wednesday program February 24, 2016, at which time she was presented an alumni recognition award by Thomas Crucitti, Director of  Alumni Relations.