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Office of Judicial Affairs

Judicial Board Member Application Form

To: All Members of the University Community
From: Charles J. Alexander
Director of Judicial Affairs
Re: University Judicial Board Application

We are currently seeking applications, particularly from students, to be a member of our University Judicial Board. The Office of Judicial Affairs supports the overall mission of the university by encouraging all students to be responsible members of the university community and the community outside WCSU.

The University Judicial Board provides students who are accused of violating the Student Code of Conduct(and maybe facing permanent residence hall separation and/or suspension from the CSU system) with an opportunity to be heard by a hearing body rather than just one hearing officer. The Board will typically include faculty, staff, and students.

By serving on the Board, students have the chance to participate in a leadership role while faculty and staff will gain a greater understanding of the university disciplinary and judicial process.

We are always looking for students, faculty, and staff to serve on this board. For each hearing typically 3 members of the board would be asked to serve. On average each member would hear about three to five cases a year.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this Judicial Board, please complete the form below. All applications will be reviewed and you will be notified when the training will take place.

If you have any questions at all regarding this, please feel free to call me at 203-837-8770 or email alexanderc@wcsu.edu