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Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences

Physics, Astronomy and Meteorology :

Presentations and Independent Research by Western Students

  • Michael Zeilnhofer
    • Light Curve Analysis for Transiting Exoplanets (27th National Conference on Undergraduate Research, April 2013; NCUR Proceedings, Nov. 2013)
  • Anne Marie Palumbo, Ryan Suter and Paul Shupenis
    • Geographic Effect on Snow Crystal Structure (WestConn Research Day, May 2010)
  • Thorin Jacobs
    • Stellar Modeling of PS Virginis (WestConn Research Day, May 2010)
  • Steven Schmidt
    • Characterizing the Surface Water Energy Budget for Western Long Island Sound in Late July and Early August 2004 & 2005 (WestConn Research Day, May 2009; Master’s degree in Earth and Planetary Sciences, July 2012)
  • Ashley Cwikla
    • Science for Visually Impaired Students (WestConn Research Day, May 2007)
  • Kenneth Gardner, Gale Alexander, Brian Bartolo, Kerry Perrotta, Kathryn Sullivan and John DePasqua
    • The Overcontact Binary GSC 279—321: Observations and Modeling (10th CSU Research Conference, 2006)
  • Joseph Roy
    • Water Surface Temperature Measurement Using Remote Sensing Technology (WestConn Research Day, May 2006)
  • John DePasqua
    • Qualification of In-Situ Ocean Surface Temperature Measurements Using Infrared Imagery During Experiments Performed at the NASA Air-Sea Interaction Research Facility (WestConn Research Day, May 2006)
  • Daniel Asselin
    • Validation of the Local Accuracy of Atmospheric Radiative Transfer Models (WestConn Research Day, April 2005)
  • Robert Tabor
    • Cloud Forcing Influence on Downwelling Infrared Radiation (WestConn Research Day, April 2005)
  • Kathleen Murphy
    • Observations and Numerical Modeling of Contact and Overcontact Eclipsing Binaries (WCSU Observatory internship, 2004-05)
  • Melanie Hennessey
    • Properties of Cepheid Variable Stars Identified in Sky Surveys (17tth National Conference on Undergraduate Research, March 2003)
  • Sandra J. Cvanciger, Michael Dyer, Christopher Lazzaro and Danielle Mancuso
    • Observation and Modeling of the Eclipsing Binary RW Comae Berenices (Proceedings, 17th National Conference on Undergraduate Research, March 2003)
  • Danielle Mancuso
    • Observations of the Open Star Cluster NGC 7510 (student research, Spring 2002)
  • Timothy Hager
    • Photometry and a Preliminary Solution for the New Eclipsing Binary GSC 4847 – 1513 (Master’s degree in Earth and Planetary Science, June 2001)
  • Michael Sembos
    • Microvariability of Blazar OQ 530 (Proceedings, 15th National Conference on Undergraduate Research, March 2001)