Physics, Astronomy and Meteorology

Graduate – Earth and Planetary Sciences

The mission of the M.A. in Earth & Planetary Sciences program is to provide students with the scientific knowledge and technical skills to:
(1) pursue careers in meteorology, astronomy, oceanography, geology and related areas either in the private sector or in government;
(2) enhance knowledge in support of a career in secondary education—in particular, our courses support Connecticut cross-endorsement and New York state certification for physics and earth science; or
(3) allow students to continue with additional studies leading to a Ph.D. in atmospheric science, planetary physics, oceanography, geology or related areas.Some of our former students are now in Ph.D. programs, while others are employed as professional educators.

The program’s goals and objectives include:

  • Imparting an in-depth understanding of the factual and theoretical bases of the various disciplines in earth and planetary sciences;
  • Promoting scientifically-based critical thinking with regard to current issues in the earth and planetary sciences;
  • Familiarizing students with the application of technology and of scientific methods through astronomical observations, weather analysis and forecasting as well as data collection for meteorological, oceanic and
    geological applications via remote
  • sensing and in-situ platforms;
  • Promoting an understanding of the scientific process and its application to designing and analyzing experiments in support of independent research;
  • Promoting effective communication of scientific concepts in both oral and written formats.

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