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Hooked on the Weather Channel?

Do you love to watch the swirling atmospheric maps on TV spell out where the storm is going and why, and just how much snow is going to fall and exactly when…?

If so, you have the potential to be one of a special breed of inquisitive souls we call meteorologists. And Western Connecticut State University (whose low tuition makes it one of the best education values anywhere) has a degree program made especially for you!

Our Bachelor of Science in Meteorology is the only such program in the State of Connecticut, and one of only a few in the Northeast. WestConn has developed a foundation of courses in mathematics, computer science, physics, astronomy and earth science, combined with meteorology, to prepare you for television and radio weathercasting, operational forecasting, or for teaching or research in the atmospheric sciences.

Hone your research skills in our Meteorological Studies and Weather Center. Earn credits while learning how a fully operational weather center gathers and disseminates data.

Weather is everywhere, but it’s especially challenging here in New England. WestConn’s Meteorology Club is an official chapter of the American Meteorological Society, and our students compete annually in the National Collegiate Weather Forecasting Competition. Be part of the team as WestConn show off its extraordinary expertise in the important, wide-open field!


Why study Meteorology at WestConn?

  • We have Bachelor of Science programs designed for two separate career tracks.
  • Our students earn credits while performing TV/radio weathercasts or doing real-time forecasting for clients in our Weather Center!
  • You’ll have access to undergraduate research and internship opportunities.
  • Our Southern New England weather is a meteorologist’s dream for variety… Four seasons of challenge!
  • WestConn is all about quality education at an affordable cost!

Want a Future in Weather?

WestConn is the only college or university in Connecticut offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in meteorology studies.

Careers we will prepare you for:

  • Weather Analysis and forecasting
  • Radio/Television Weathercasting
  • The National Weather Service
  • Atmospheric Sciences Research
  • M.S./Ph.D. Studies in Meteorology

Come talk to us and meet our team of dedicated faculty and students whose commitment to challenging the mysteries of atmosphere and environment is absolute!

Undergraduate Degree Program
Bachelor of Science in Meteorology

The Bachelor’s degree program in meteorology is designed to serve as the capstone component of a liberal arts education; to prepare students for entry-level employment in meteorology or a related environmental field; and to prepare students for graduate level study. The program meets recommendations for an undergraduate meteorology degree program from the American Meteorological Society.  Additionally, students graduating with this B.S. Meteorology degree will have all the course requirements for entry level positions as a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, the single largest employer of meteorologists in the country.

This major includes courses which lead to a Bachelor of Science degree. Students are provided with a broad background in meteorology, mathematics, computer science, physics, and chemistry. Meteorology requires a solid foundation in science and mathematics. Candidates are encouraged to have completed courses in high school mathematics through trigonometry, and a year of both chemistry and physics.

Graduate Degree Program
Master of Arts in Earth and Planetary Science, Meteorology/Climatology Option
Financial Aid and Scholarships
Information on financial aid can be found at the Financial Aid Office.
Faculty and Staff
James P. Boyle, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Robert N. Eisenson, M.S., Associate Professor, AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM)
Gary Lessor, B.A., Assistant to the Director of Meteorological Studies and Weather Center
Albert Owino, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director, Meteorological Studies and Weather Center
The Weather Center
The WCSU Weather Center continues to provide information to clients, including schools, towns, public utilities, and corporations. This center provides our undergraduates with experience in providing forecasts on a daily basis and the opportunity to access data for their research projects.