Physics, Astronomy and Meteorology

Off-site Visits / Other Seminars

UCONN-Avery Point Lecture Series

EPS students travel to the lecture series hosted by the UCONN – Avery Point Marine Sciences Program 1-2 times a semester. The selected lectures cover topics consistent with EPS course material, to promote a greater understanding of the coursework. In addition to the lecture series, students are also invited to take a tour of the Marine Sciences facilities, as well as get an up close and personal look at the research equipment housed at the university. Transportation to the selected lectures will be provided by WCSU. For more information on the lecture series click here.

UCONN-Avery Point Marine Sciences Program


Field Trip to O and G Quarry, New Milford, CT – October 2014


National Undergraduate Research Observatory

Graduate and undergraduate students can pursue collaborative and independent research projects with Dr. Dawson each year at the National Undergraduate Research Observatory (NURO). The observatory is supported by the Northern Arizona University Physics and Astronomy Department in partnership with Lowell Observatory. NURO provides an opportunity for WCSU to reserve a 31-inch telescope for several consecutive nights. During the day, students can visit historic and geological sites in Northern Arizona (e.g., the Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater and the San Francisco volcanic field). Students are responsible for all souvenir and food expenses as well as their flight into Phoenix. Ground transportation and lodging is provided in Arizona by WCSU.

Information about annual trips