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Western Connecticut State University’s Finding Our Way Program is a NOAA B-Wet federally funded program that exposes seventh grade students and their families to environmental conservation and sustainable practices so that we may live in harmony with the planet. The program works with teachers and families to encourage stewardship, provides interaction with STEM professionals and experts, and enriches math and science education through classroom and hands-on field work and trips By the end of the program year, participants develop their Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills, engage in watershed stewardship, and become part of the WCSU family.

Professor Theodora Pinou developed this iteration of the Finding Our Way Program and competed to win funding for the three-year grant, now in its second year. She teamed with Danbury Public School’s STEM curriculum administrator to train seventh grade science teachers to deliver watershed sustainability content to their classes as well as to a cohort that participates in a year-round science enrichment program at WSCU. Along with community partners NOAA Milford Fisheries, First Light Power, Housatonic Valley Association, Atlantic Marine Conservation Society, NASA, NOAA, Great Hollow, and Candlewood Lake Authority, the program delivers a well-rounded watershed and conservation curriculum.

Dr. Pinou extends her thanks to Praxair Corporation, Finding Our Way’s newest sustaining partner.


For more information contact:

Dr. Theodora Pinou

Phone: 203.837.8793


Office #: SB 242
Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Western Connecticut State University, Science Building


Sebastian Palacio

Outreach Coordinator

Phone: 203.837.8753

Office #: Science Building 148