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Finding Our Way is a grant winning program through the NOAA Bay Watershed Education & Training (B-WET) and Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences (MWEEs).


​Skype a Scientist has a database of thousands of scientists and helps them connect with classrooms, families, libraries, scout troops, and more all over the globe! Skype a Scientist gives students the opportunity to get to know a real scientist and get the answers to their questions straight from the source. After completing the form you should expect a response within a a few days to a week.

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Databases and Worksheets

The link above has resources designed for 6-12th grade classrooms, students can investigate the water quality characteristics (water temperature, salinity and oxygen), harmful algae bloom (HAB), and other topics. It also has databases that teachers can use to retrieve real data that can be used in the classroom.

Aquatic Science Watershed Activities


Still River Watershed

An informative video about the Still River watershed that passes through Danbury form the Housatonic Valley Association (HVA). 

Watershed worksheet   

Additionally your class can work on questions and a vocabulary sheet above, while watching the video. These vocabulary words will be helpful in understanding literature in aquatic science. 

Career Opportunities

An Informative Power Point Presentation on the different watershed related career opportunities from the lens of Erik Hazeltonn.

FirstLight Teachers Presentation

A presentation on how hydro power works by FirstLight.

FirstLight Power is a renewable energy supplier operating hydroelectric, energy storage, and solar projects that produce clean, dependable electricity for more than 1.3 million New England homes. Today you’ll learn about their hydroelectric power plant in Western Massachusetts.



 Informational video on how to add a marker on google maps

GPS Stem Lessons

“The U.S. government has released a new educational curriculum that uses GPS concepts and activities to stimulate student interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).”

NOAA Data In The Classroom

Learn more about water quality, Coral Bleaching..etc with NOAA.


Looking for things to do at home?

At Home Education

Take a look at educational opportunities from NOAA that families can do. (Link)

Follow Humphrey the turtle with you, students!

       Sea Turtle Recovery is important to FOW students. Many said visiting and learning about Humphrey at the Turtle Back Zoo in NJ was the highlight of the summer program.

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Sea Turtle Activity:

More links available:

Intro to Stewardship & Citizen Science

Stewardship Ideas for Teachers & Classroom

Stewardship Opportunities

National Science Digital Library

Chemistry Concept of Parts Per Million

Effective School-grounds Watershed Deliverable

NOAA Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences