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Here is an opportunity for your students to win $500 for creating a video that addresses key issues related to stewardship! 

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Follow Humphrey the turtle with you students!

       Sea Turtle Recovery is important to FOW students. Many    said visiting and learning about Humphrey at the Turtle Back Zoo in NJ was the highlight of the summer program.

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Chemistry Concept of Parts Per Million

Effective School-grounds Watershed Deliverable

WCSU Science Resources to Borrow

  • MuddWatts kits to use in classroom STEM experiment.

WCSU Biology Department has a quantity of MuddWatts kits to lend to science teachers. This hands-on experiment demonstrates that electricity can be produced by anaerobe bacteria found in mud. Students collect mud, arrange in glass columns, and construct batteries to collect the electricity. Biology Professor Dr. Hannah Reynolds has prepared these turn-key kits along with instructions for a successful lesson that can be conducted, observed and recorded by students for a month or more. Please contact Carol Ball at to arrange to borrow kits.

NOAA Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences

Sea Turtle Activity: