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About The Program

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“Finding Our Way” Science Experience

For K-12 Graders & Their Families

Finding Our Way was a hands-on learning program that gets students involved in the environmental sciences of their surroundings and fosters lifelong interest in protecting our environment. Offered for K-12 Graders & Their Families which ran from Summer 2016 through June 2019. 


Under the auspices of Danbury Public Schools and Western Connecticut State University’s Department of Environmental and Biological Studies, interested students gain a firm start in understanding environmental stewardship while learning about careers in STEM fields. This comprehensive program begins in the summer following 6th grade with a two-week camp focused on environmental learning. Area field trips bring to life activities like turtle migration, water quality testing, and river animal habitats study, and much more. Throughout the 7th grade school year, students and their families participate in 3 Science Saturdays in the biology labs at Western Connecticut State University and spend an overnight on Virginia’s eastern shore where they tour a NASA facility participating in scientific activities.

Students are selected for the program in the spring of their 6th-grade year through an application process that includes an essay and formal application.

Finding Our Way Summer Experience 2018

Finding Our Way Summer Experience 2017