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Presence has transitioned to the new email domain! You can now login using your @wcsu.edu domain. Additionally, issues with checking freshmen and new transfer students into events has been resolved.

Thanks for being patient with us!


Presence is an online campus involvement platform. CSI uses Presence to keep track of all Club and Organization Executive Board Officers. Additionally, clubs and organizations can create events and track event attendance using Presence, and CSI houses some forms on the website!

Any WCSU student or faculty can log onto Presence. If you’ve never used Presence, you may have to use the “forgot my password” tool to reset your password.

On Presence, you can explore and join clubs and organizations, and contact them if you want more information. You can see the events they have scheduled, including meeting locations and times. Once you join an organization, you’ll be added to their roster and mailing list.

Quick Links

Edit the homepage

Add/change club officers

Administrative privileges to officers



Logging into Presence

When logging into Presence for the first time, you won’t know your password even though your account already exists. At the login screen, use the “forgot your password” feature to change your password.

How to be an Organization Administrator

Club and organization executive board members should have administrative privileges. Admins can change their club homepage, create events for users to see, and keep track of club membership.

First, log in to Presence. Once logged in, click the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner of the screen to access the admin dashboard.

This brings up the administrator dashboard, which is where all the administrative tools lie.

To access your club, use the Organizations tab.

You’ll see a list of the organizations you administer. Click on the organization you wish to edit or change to access the organization’s administrative side.

There are three basic things all administrator should know how to do, detailed below.

If you are a club/organization Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, or Committee Chair and do not have administrator access, speak to your club/organization President.

If you still cannot gain administrator access, or if you are a club/organization President and you do not have administrator access, contact dossantosjrc@wcsu.edu or schedule a meeting online.


Club Details – Editing the Homepage

To edit your homepage, click the  button in the top right corner of the organization screen. You can describe your club, add a meeting time and location, choose a club contact, and select a cover photo. You can even embed your club’s Facebook and Twitter feeds into the page so visitors can scroll through posts right on the Presence website!

When you finish editing, click the  button in the top right corner of the page. Presence will send the CSI staff a preview of the changes, and then they’ll be approved!

Club Roster, Club Officers, and Admin Privileges – Securing your Club’s/Organization’s Compliance

To maintain compliance with the Center for Student Involvement, all clubs and organizations must put their club officers on Presence by the end of the Spring 2019 Semester.

Officer Status – Adding Officers to your Organization

Presence keeps track of your position within an organization. You can either be a member, an officer, or an advisor, and you can be as many of these as you need. Students on multiple executive boards need not worry, as Presence handles each position individually.

Officer status, however, is superficial. It does not grant any special privileges, and can be thought of as merely a title. Each organization is required to have a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Advisor. Failure to fill all four positions is considered non-compliance.

To add officers or an advisor to your club, simply access the from the organization page and click the  button in the top right corner of the page, then search by last name. Click the drop-down arrow…

…to add the person and edit their position in the organization. There are several options, including Committee Chair if your organization has officer positions other than President, VP, and Treasurer.

To edit the position of a current club member, simply click the  button next to their name in the roster.

Administrative Privileges – Granting Permissions to Club Members and Officers

Once all officers are added to your club/organization, current administrators can grant permissions to these officers, allowing them add members and officers, edit the homepage, and create events.

To grant privileges to any officer or club member, navigate to the people tab.

Search for your officer by last name, then click…

  …or, if they’re already a user…   

Then, add that user as an organization administrator for your organization!

And, just below that, select which special permissions you want this user to have. All are useful!

When you’re finished editing roles and permissions, click the  button in the top right corner of the page.


Clubs can create events, which are automatically displayed on their homepage or when searching for events through the WCSU Presence homepage. Presence Checkpoint, available on the App Store and Google Play Store, can be used to check in event attendees. CSI also offers card readers to swipe WCSU IDs and check in event attendees. Events on Presence track the total number of attendees, as well as analyze their demographics.

To create an event, use the event tab.

Click the  button in the top right corner of the page. Simply fill out the required information! You can also take notes and keep track of a budget, which is private information only visible by club administrators and CSI staff.

When you’re finished, click the  button to send the event to CSI staff, who will review and approve the event. Once approved, the event appears on your club/organization homepage, visible to anyone who visits Presence.

During your event, use the Presence Checkpoint app to check in guests. You’ll need the event PIN number, which can be found under the events tab.

Type the PIN number into the Presence Checkpoint app, then type in guests’ student ID numbers to check them in. CSI offers ID swipers that connect via headphone port to a smartphone. If your phone doesn’t have a headphone port, make sure you have an adapter that converts from your phone’s charging port to a headphone port.

After your event is over, check back on the events page to see how many people came!


CSI houses several forms on Presence. These used to be paper forms – now they’re online! Easy.

Forms offered online…

  • Shadow Box Agreement – Showcase your club!
    • All clubs and organizations can claim a Shadow Box if slots are available. Shadow Boxes are glass cases displayed on the wall of the 2nd floor of the Midtown Student Center. Decorate the shadow box to showcase your club! You can find Shadow Boxes directly opposite the game room.
    • Be aware – your club advisor must approve the form. Be sure they have accessed and know how to use Presence!
  • Club Locker Agreement – Storage for your club!
    • All clubs and organizations can claim a Club Locker. Club lockers are located in the conference room in the CSI office. You can store all club-related materials in your club locker.
    • Be aware – your club advisor must approve the form. Be sure they have accessed and know how to use Presence!


For questions about presence, contact dossantosjrc@wcsu.edu or schedule a meeting online.