Card Account Manager


The WESTCONNect WebCard Center is an online interface that allows you to view and manage your card accounts including CONNECT Cash funds, Meal Plan use, and ConnectPrint credits. You may also mark your card as lost, to freeze account use.

Use your university computer account log in to access the WESTCONNect WebCard Center.

To access the WESTCONNect WebCard Center click here

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • confirm you are using an updated browser
  • use your university email address for the username
  • If you need to reset your university computer account password, please visit the IT&I Department website at:  WCSU Windows account reset

SVC Plan Accounts

  • Review balances for CONNect Cash, CONNect Print, and Flex accounts
  • See spending history for CONNect Cash and Flex accounts
  • Add Funds to CONNect Cash. Remember that you may use these funds both on and off campus.
  • *Note that CONNect Print credits do not correspond to real money, and are simply used to track use. These funds replenish each day.
  • *Note that Flex accounts are tied to meal plans and are only used at food service locations

Meal Plan Account

  • View your current meal plan and balance
  • Review your meal swipe transaction details

Report your Card as Lost

  • Reporting the card as lost allows you to freeze accounts associated with your card
  • To reactivate your card and associated accounts you may use the activation button
  • There is a $15 fee for replacement cards, that is billed to your student account

Notification Preferences

  • Include your email and/or phone number to receive notifications from the card system
  • Choose your preferences for notifications such as low balance warnings