Did you misplace your card? Do you think someone took your card? Are you not sure?

Your WESTCONNect Card has both money & secured area access associated with it. Therefore, it is important to keep it safe and secured. When in doubt, immediately report your card as lost using the WESTCONNect WebCard Center. Remember that you may activate your card if you find it, and before a replacement card is printed.


Reporting your card as lost takes three simple steps:

  1. Log in to the WESTCONNect Web Card Center
  2. Select the Report a Lost Card option from the left hand menu
  3. Confirm the report by selecting Yes
  • Reporting your card as lost allows you to freeze accounts associated with your card
  • STUDENTS: There is a $15 fee for replacement cards
  • EMPLOYEES: Please send an email to requestwestconnect@wcsu.educreate new email to request a replacement card


In order to obtain a replacement card, you must submit a WESTCONNect Card Replacement Form.

The form will be sent to the WESTCONNect Office. Please notify staff that you have completed the form when you contact or visit the office.


The card will not be printed until you come into the office to pick it up, or authorize the printing and mailing of the replacement card.

This will allow time for you to look for the card and reactivate it. Once the card is printed, there are no refunds on the replacement card fee, as the cost to produce the card has already been incurred by the university. Cards that have ceased functioning due to normal wear and tear or a data/technology issue as determined by WESTCONNect office staff will be replaced free of charge. The card must be presented to the office staff for evaluation. The card cannot be cracked, chipped, bent, warped, or otherwise damaged in order to be considered for a free replacement.