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Westside Nature Preserve

The Brook

The Westside Brook is a precious resource of the University. It originates in springs on campus, then flows northward until it passes through the Nature Preserve and leaves campus. This means that the University has the ability to control the quality of Westside Brook’s water until it leaves campus- no one is upstream of us and so it is unlikely that anyone else will pollute it. Recent bioassays and chemical analyses demonstrate that the quality of water is very good- it is our responsibility to safeguard its future.

It flows through the WNP originates in springs in the wetland region around the football field. From its origins the brook flows north through the great wetlands valley, the Westside Nature Preserve, and the Northeast Swamp, before exiting the Westside Campus under Middle River Road. From here the brook joins Kohanza Brook which flows into the Still River. Continuing north the Still River flows from Danbury, through Brookfield and joins the Housatonic River in New Milford. From New Milford the Housatonic flows southward until it joins Long Island Sound.