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Iota Iota Iota – Women’s Studies Honor Society

Iota Iota Iota (also called Triota) is the national Honor Society for Women’s Studies. The organization is named for three goddesses: Inana, Ishtar and Isis. Triota was established in 1992 at Denver Metropolitan University, which hosts the central chapter for universities all over the country. There are currently over fifty active chapters at universities all over America. More information about the original chapter can be found at: http://www.mscd.edu/~women/studies/iota.shtml

Triota recognizes and celebrates outstanding student accomplishments in the Women’s Studies program. Members are inducted in both WCSU’s and the national chapter and are given Honors tassels to wear at commencement.

WCSU established its chapter, Beta Theta, in 2009. In the Spring 2009 our first students were inducted at a ceremony held in May and generously supported by the Dean of Arts & Sciences Linda Vaden-Goad and by the Provost Linda Rinker.

Requirements:  Students who wish to Join Iota Iota Iota must have a B average in 6 hours of WS courses. You do not need to be a WS minor to become a member.

Please note: in the case of cross-listed courses, you must be enrolled in the WS section NOT in the hosting department. (For example, if you take WS/His 319 Medieval and Early Modern Women, you must enroll in WS 319 not His 319 in order for these credits to qualify you for Triota membership.)

Applications: Applications are due by March 15 and should be given to Dr. Katherine Allocco in the Department of History. They can also be emailed to: alloccok@wcsu.edu

The Induction ceremony will be held in May.

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List of WCSU Student Members