Western Research Day

2022 Western Research Days Schedule

At the Science Building, Midtown Campus

May 4th

Keynote  speaker, SB 125  4-5 PM
Student Presentations*, SB, Room 219 5-7 PM

Gabrielle Johnson 5:20
Derek Kalish 5:40
Nicholas Quinones 6:00

May 5th

Alumni keynote speaker, SB 125 4-5 PM
Student presentations*, SB, Room 263 5-6:30 PM

Ericka Griggs 5:20
Elizabeth Hines 5:40
Tyler Munroe 6:00
Michelle Rochniak 6:20

Awards ceremony /6:30-7 PM


* Please plan for a 12 to 15 min presentation.  You may have up to 5 min of questions. There’ll be a WRD Committee moderator for each speaker, and as a professional courtesy, please remain in attendance for the entire presentation session.