Western Research Day

What is Western Research Day (WRD)?

WRD is an event where students at Western may present their undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative inquiry to the University Community.

To participate in WRD, students submit (see the submission form) an abstract or summary of their work or research. All submissions must have the endorsement of a faculty mentor.

The WRD committee will evaluate submissions based on the criteria for abstract content and will assess overall merit within the context of the specific academic discipline. Students will be notified directly by a WRD committee member as to whether their abstract has been accepted.

Students will then present their works at the WRD event and awards will be given for the student work receiving the highest score from judges made up of faculty, staff, administrators, and other members of the university community.

Library Research Award – Library Services is offering a Library Research Award (LRA) in the amount of $200 to the student who demonstrates outstanding accomplishment in the use and application of library resources and services. You may choose to have your WRD submission judged also for the LRA when submitting your abstract for WRD; there are additional required documents to be submitted (link to more info) to be considered for an LRA, and your work will be judged on the overall quality of the project or paper, the sophistication of the bibliography or works cited list, and evidence of growth demonstrated through a brief, reflective research process essay.  Participation in LRA is optional, but to be considered for an LRA, student’s MUST be participating in WRD

If you have questions, please email Dr. Adam Brewer at brewera@wcsu.edu

Students at a past WRD – Peggy Stewart