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Admissions : Placement Testing Information

Math Placement Testing Information

Math Placement Information: based on new SAT only

  1. SAT math score 520 and below ACT math score 1 – 17 = MAT 100P, Intermediate Algebra Plus
  2. SAT math score 530-560 or ACT math score 18 – 21 = MAT 100, Intermediate Math.
  3. SAT math score 570-610 or ACT math score 22 -23 = General Education Math Placement.
  4. SAT math score 620 and higher or ACT math score 24 – 36 = Calculus placement (or any General Education math course).

*For additional details regarding Math placement and Math courses visit the Math department placement site

The Math placement test will be administered by the WCSU Math department

Students will take the ALEKS Initial Knowledge Check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register for the test?

Yes, please select one of the placement dates on the placement main page.

STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: If you have a learning or physical disability that would prevent you, from taking a placement exam under standard conditions, you may request accommodations through AccessAbility Services. If approved for accommodations, you will be eligible to use your accommodation during the standard administration of the placement exam. You should reach out to AccessAbility Services to discuss accommodations 2 – 3 weeks prior to your placement test date. To request accommodations, please contact AccessAbility Services (AAS) at: 203-837-8225 (voice), 203-837-3235 (TTY) or aas@wcsu.edu.

How can I prepare? 

Instructions for taking a practice test can be found here

What should I bring?

Please bring a scientific calculator (non-graphing)

All students please have your WCSU student account set up for the login to the computer and have your student ID number and an photo ID with you.

Where do I go?

Student should arrive to the Midtown Campus the day of the exam at least 10 min before 1:00pm for check in. The exams (both math and writing) will be held in the Math Emporium classroom in Higgins Annex building.