University Advisement Center

Parents & Families

Advisement Center Overview

The University Advisement Center professional advisors assist all Exploratory Studies/ Undecided and Liberal Arts majors with meeting university degree requirements and exploring the variety of majors offered at Western. Our advisors assist students in choosing or changing to a major that is well-suited to the student’s personality, goals, talents, and strengths.

Liberal Arts major is an Associates, a two year degree program. Students in this major are encouraged to work closely with an advisor to ensure they’re meeting all the requirements for graduation, as shown on their Degree Works profile.

Exploratory Studies/ Undecided students pursuing a Bachelors, a four year degree program, are encouraged to share information about their personal and professional goals so that their advisor can suggest certain course work that will help expose students to that material. This group of students should work with their advisor to declare their major within the first 60 credits completed at Western in order to stay on track for graduation. Our professional advisors will work with students to facilitate their pursuit, but the decision to declare a major is ultimately up to the student.

All faculty and staff are limited in the actions and information they can share with parents, friends, and any parties not officially approved by the student. This falls under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). For a full description of parent and student rights under FERPA, please visit the U. S. Department of Education’s website on Protecting Student Privacy.

Engage on Campus

There are ways you can help your student have a fulfilling experience while exploring their options, please encourage your student to get involved and if they don’t know how, let us know! We are happy to help your student connect with the plethora of activities available on campus!

Student Support Services

Your student’s professional advisor will work with your student to determine an appropriate course schedule each semester that will help them make degree progress and allow them to try different course work in different majors.  Our advisors will discuss academic requirements, academic performance, its implications, and evaluate how to refer to the various campus supports to help the student do better. If you suspect your student is struggling, you can also make recommendations to them to visit their advisor for referrals. All Student Support Services are free for current students.

Parent & Family Services

Western welcomes parents and families to join our WCSU Community along with your student. Our Office of Parent Services was created specifically for parents and families to be involved in the growth and development of their student at WCSU!

Find more information about Office of Parents Services and events on their website.