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Division of Student Affairs

The Center for Student Involvement : Club Resources


Financial Forms



Due Date

Purchase Card Request Form

Reserve the P-Card to make in-store or online purchases.

1 week before intended use.

Deposit Form

Deposit fundraising money into your club fundraising account.
No later than 24 hours after conclusion of the fundraiser
Personal Services Agreement

Contract a performer, speaker, or guest to come to campus.

4 weeks before the event/performance date

Payment Voucher

Pay for goods; transfer or donate money; reimburse a club member.
Food Service Request Form

Request and pay for food for your events.

2 weeks before the event

Payment Authorization

Pay a contracted performer, speaker, or guest after an event has concluded
No later than 1 week after the event/performance
SGA Budget Request Worksheet

Budget for club spending on events, programming, travel, and more.

Other Forms



Due Date

Club Locker Agreement

Store club-owned goods in a secure locker in our office.

Shadow Box Agreement

Showcase your club in a decorated display case.

Guest Sign-in

event guests from outside the university.
Alcohol Permit

Serve a cash bar at your event.

2 weeks before the event

Event Ticket Request

Sell tickets to your event
Not to be confused with the Trip Ticket Request form