The Center for Student Involvement : Club Resources


The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) houses several forms required for clubs and organizations to conduct activities on or off campus. These forms are all available online through the Engage platform and must be submitted electronically for approval.

Financial Forms



Due Date

Purchase Card Request

Reserve the P-Card to make in-store or online purchases.

1 week before intended use.

Deposit Form

Deposit fundraising money into your club fundraising account. No later than 24 hours after conclusion of the fundraiser
Personal Services Agreement

Contract a performer, speaker, or guest to come to campus.

4 weeks before the event/performance date

Payment Voucher

Pay for goods; transfer or donate money; reimburse a club member.  
Food Service Request Form

Request and pay for food for your events.

2 weeks before the event

Payment Authorization

Pay a contracted performer, speaker, or guest after an event has concluded No later than 1 week after the event/performance
SGA Budget Request Worksheet

Budget for club spending on events, programming, travel, and more.  

Other Forms



Usage / Due Date

Club & Organization Registration

Update your Club Officers rosters

Submit and update your Club information.
You will also have the opportunity to request a Club Locker and / or Shadow Box through this form.
Club Locker & Shadow Box Request

Storage lockers available to store club supplies, equipment, promotional products, documents and such. 

Shadow box / Display box are available to showcase clubs/organizations, provide contact information and advertise upcoming events. 
Available to current and in good standing clubs and organizations.

Are limited and will be available on first come, first serve basis.
Guest Sign-in

event guests from outside the university.  
Alcohol Permit

Serve a cash bar at your event.

2 weeks before the event

Event Ticket Request

Sell tickets to your event
Not to be confused with the Trip Ticket Request form