Faculty Handbook

Inappropriate Behavior in the Classroom Form

It is a violation of the CSU Student Code of Conduct and Statement of Judicial Procedures for students to exhibit inappropriate behavior in the classroom. The below form is encouraged to be used by faculty members for incidents that involve disruption or obstruction of teaching, research or other academic or administrative activities. Please send this form to the Dean of Student Affairs office, attention University Judicial Officer.
Faculty Member’s Name/Department ________________________________________________________________
Faculty Extension: ________________________________________________________________
Date/Time of incident: __________________________________ Course/Location: _______________________
Name of Student: __________________________________ Student ID #______________________
Please use the back of this form or attach a narrative of the inappropriate behavior and the intervention that may have happened in your classroom.
Professor sent to University
Judicial Officer on:
Professor’s signature ________________________________________________________________
University Judicial Officer
Received on:
University Judicial Officer Spoke to
Professor on:
__________________________________ Student on: _______________________
Case closed on: __________________________________  


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