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Master of Arts in History

The Master of Arts in History is designed for students who wish to develop their skills in analyzing and interpreting historical events and interrelational developments in diverse areas of the world.  Students are often secondary school teachers, college graduates who are preparing for a career in college teaching, and people from outside the academic world who value the intellectual challenge that the serious study of history offers.

A student who wishes to be admitted to the Master of Arts degree program in History must hold an earned bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education with a major or minor in History or Social Science.

General Requirements for the Master of Arts in History:
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To earn a Master of Arts in History, students must complete thirty (30) semester hours in a planned program, or a minimum of twenty-four (24) semester hours and a six (6) semester hour thesis (HIS 592).  Students will plan their program with the Graduate Program Coordinator. In consultation with the Coordinator, students select a theme that will serve as a major focus of study.  Themes include, but are not limited to: 1) Revolution 2) International Relations 3) Modern American Society 4) European History 5) Non-Western Culture.  Other themes may be undertaken with the approval of the Coordinator.

Students will complete a minimum of twelve (12) semester hours within their major theme.  All candidates for the Master of Arts in History are required to take a written comprehensive examination in the major theme.  Comprehensive examinations are given twice a year; the first week in December and the first week in May.  Before a student takes the comprehensive exam, he or she must have completed all coursework prior to, or in the semester in which the comprehensive is taken.  The total grade point average must be a “B” or better.

Students must also complete a minimum of six (6) semester hours in a second theme other than the major theme.  They may also complete a maximum of six (6) semester hours in 500-level allied fields (e.g., English, Social Sciences, etc.) or in 400-level history courses.  Allied field courses require the advisor’s approval before the student registers for the course.