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Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences


Student Accomplishments

Lauren Kerton received the 2019 NASPA Region 1’s “Catch a Rising Star” award! NASPA, the Association of Student Administrators in Higher Education is an international organization that celebrates student contributions to their universities. This award honors a student who has “made a significant contribution to their home campus; demonstrated academic achievement; exceeded the expectations of their respective leadership positions; and shown an interest in the field of student affairs.” https://www.naspa.org/awards/region-i-catch-a-rising-star-scholarship-state-award


A record number of graduating seniors will be starting graduate programs in the Fall 2019 semester. Courtney Barreira will earn a PD in School Counselling at Fordham University. Kendyl Harmeling will be attending the University of Louisville (on a full ride!) to study Writing and Composition. She plans to complete an MA in English. Stephen Kipp has been accepted into the PhD program at the University of Delaware to study Political Science. Zachary Schroeder will pursue a Masters from the Elliott School of International Affairs in Security Policy Studies at George Washington University. Zach plans to join the FBI and to specialize in European terrorism. Nathaniel Walker has been accepted into the PhD program at Brandeis University to study Political Science. Congratulations everyone!


Kendyl Harmeling has been chosen to be the Student Speaker at Commencement this May 19, 2019. Her commencement address entitled “The Architecture of Change” will reflect on what WCSU has meant to her and how being a History major has directed the big decisions in her life. Congratulations, Kendyl!


Marina Coddaire has been awarded a legislative internship! Marina will be working in Hartford at the General Legislative Session during the Spring 2019 semester through the end of the legislative session in June.


Three History majors presented at WestConn Research Day this May 2017: Lynn Schoenbeck, Stephany Stokes and Kara Swenson all designed posters and talks for this exciting day. Stephany Stokes and Kara Swenson earned Provost’s Awards for their projects! https://www.wcsu.edu/wrd/


Lynn Schoenbeck has won a national photography contest! Her work was selected from thousands of entries to be included in the Wildlife Conservation Society’s 2017 calendar. Her photo will be featured on the October page. Visit http://blog.wcs.org/photo/assignments/2017-color-in-nature-calendar-contest-wild-view-wildlife/


Cody Clark and Alec Florio’s oral history project is now available at the Haas Library website. Cody and Alec interviewed Viet Nam war veterans and are making those interviews available to the public for research and educational purposes.  http://archives.library.wcsu.edu/studentOmeka/exhibits/show/vietnam


Three History majors have been published! Jessie Britton, Amanda O’Boy and Andrew Vince have published their article, “A Poisoned Past Book Review Assignment: Reading and Writing Academic Book Reviews as an Effective Pedagogical Tool” in the New England Journal of History 73:1 (Fall 2016), 116-131. For more information or to order a copy, visit https://www.nejh.org/browse-issues


Kara Swenson, winner of the Fall 2016 Janick Fellowship, has completed her project entitled “Plumbing the Depths: Candlewood Lake”. Kara worked in the WCSU archives and also in the field to uncover the history of the creation of Candlewood Lake. Her project can be found here: http://archives.library.wcsu.edu/omeka/exhibits/show/candlewood/foreward


Lynn Schoenbeck, winner of the Fall 2016 Janick Fellowship, has completed her project entitled “Turning Over a New Leaf: Identification of a Medieval Manuscript Leaf”. Lynn worked with an uncataloged single sixteenth century vellum folio and recovered an impressive amount of information about its origin and creation. Her project is posted here: http://archives.library.wcsu.edu/omeka/exhibits/show/medieval


Cody Clark will intern at the Mayor’s Office during the Fall 2016 semester.


Jon Thomas Caprino, winner of the Fall 2015 Janick Fellowship, spent a semester working in the archives and walking underneath our campus while researching his project “The Hidden Old Main”. JT traced the history of our campus’ architectural development. His project can be studied here: http://archives.library.wcsu.edu/omeka/exhibits/show/the-hidden-old-main


Cody Clark will serve as a campaign intern for the New Milford Democratic Party this Fall 2015  semester.


Kelsey Caviola will enroll at the University of Edinburgh next Fall.


Amanda O’Boy will present her research at WestConn Research Day this May 2, 2014. Her presentation is titled “The Similarities of Motherhood Used as a Political Tool in Medieval Europe and the United States of America”. https://www.wcsu.edu/wrd/


Sophomore Sean Keenan received an internship at the Mark Twain House and Museum, Samuel Clemens’ main residence from 1874 to 1891, for summer 2012. Sean also studied abroad in China in the fall 2013 semester.


Ryan Bachman has been selected as a finalist for the Deerfield Institute Fellowship.


Patrick Shea was named the Janick Fellow in Archival Management at the WCSU archives for the Fall 2012 semester.


Shannon McDonald, Jordan Orfitelli, Kara Pescetelli and Emily Gillaugh will present her research at WestConn Research Day this May 4, 2012. Their presentation is titled “Presenting Local History to the Public and Application of Theory”. Through an online exhibit, theses students will present the Picket family who resided in Danbury, CT in the eighteenth century. Personal artifacts were used to tell their story. The online exhibit shows the importance of going beyond the conventional avenue of the study of history, and the importance of research in an undergraduate curriculum. It also addresses the importance of making scholarly sources easily accessible to the public.https://www.wcsu.edu/wrd/


Jessica Gamache will be presenting her conference paper “Women in Comics” at the New England Popular Culture Association’s annual conference right here at Western Connecticut State University on November 12, 2011.


Shannon McDonald will present her research at WestConn Research Day this May 12, 2011. Her presentation is titled “Social and Gender Roles Misplaced: The Duchess of Devonshire and the

Election of 1784”. https://www.wcsu.edu/wrd/


Amanda O’Boy will present her research at WestConn Research Day this May 12, 2011. Her presentation is titled “Two New Worlds: Lost Identity of Pocahontas”. https://www.wcsu.edu/wrd/


Ryan Prescott will be participating in the Reacting to the Past teaching conference at Barnard College, June 2010.


Fred Salcido will present his research at WestConn Research Day this May 13, 2010. His presentation is titled “The Existence of Maritime Piracy in American History”. https://www.wcsu.edu/wrd/


Kimberly Carter will present her research at WestConn Research Day this May 14, 2009. Her presentation is titled “Probation Nation: An Evaluation of the Efficacy of Probation Since its Establishment in America”. https://www.wcsu.edu/wrd/


David DaCruz will present his research at WestConn Research Day this May 14, 2009. His presentation is titled “Policing the Poor: Human Rights and Police Brutality in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil”.https://www.wcsu.edu/wrd/


Jamie Cantoni will present her research at WestConn Research Day this May 14, 2009. Her presentation is titled “Victorian Fashion: A Middle Class Makeover”.https://www.wcsu.edu/wrd/

Jamie’s work was also chosen for the Dean of Art and Science’s luncheon presentation. Good work, Jamie!


John Coleman presented his paper  “Richard the Lionheart and the Retreat from Jerusalem” at the 3rd Annual Undergraduate Conference of Medieval and Early Modern Studies at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA on December 6, 2008. http://assets.moravian.edu/static/medieval/