History, Philosophy & World Perspectives

Student Awards

Each Spring, the History Department faculty select History majors and one gradate student to win Department Awards. Our awards are:


The Herbert Janick Award for Best Essay or Article in History

This award honors the contributions of History Professor Emeritus Herbert Janick, in recognition of excellence in student historical research and writing.  It is open to all undergraduate majors in History and students who received their undergraduate degree in History in the previous academic year.  To be eligible for consideration, students may submit a research paper or essay of at least ten pages (typed and double-spaced) in length to the Department Chair, or a one-page description and link to a digital project with the Haas Library Archives, by March 1st.  In addition, papers accepted for publication in Clio, the department journal, for the current year will be automatically eligible for consideration.  Essays will be judged by a three-member committee composed of History department faculty.


The John Leopold Award for Service to History

 This award honors History Professor Emeritus John Leopold, in recognition of excellence in student service to the Department and University.  It is open to all undergraduate majors in History and students who received their undergraduate degree in History in the previous academic year.  Students may be nominated for this award by faculty members in the History department or other departments or by self-nomination.  All nominees will be asked to complete an application form.  The award will be based on student contributions to the Department or the University through leadership or participation in Student Government Association-recognized organizations, through the development of new organizations or activities of significant benefit to the Department, and through participation in history-related activities.  Work done for course credit or for monetary compensation will not be considered.


The Eric Roman Graduate Student Award in History

Awarded annually by the History faculty to a Master’s degree candidate in History at WCSU, to recognize outstanding academic achievement.  The award honors the late Dr. Eric Roman, longtime History faculty member and coordinator of the History M.A. program.


The Abubaker Saad History Honors Award

History is both an art and a science.  Majors in this discipline must learn not merely to master information, but also to present it in a clear and readable style.  Each year the history faculty selects a student who has attained particular distinction in this pursuit.  The department confers a book or plaque in recognition of the student’s achievement.


Truman A. Warner Scholarship
History (awarded in even years) and Social Sciences (awarded in odd years)

Description: This scholarship, established in 1997 in memory of WCSU Professor Emeritus Truman A. Warner, is awarded to a history, American studies or social sciences major with junior standing and a minimum GPA of 3.0. The recipient must demonstrate significant achievement, breadth of intellectual interest, and service to the university and community.


John V. Friel History Scholarship
History/Social Sciences

Description: The John V. Friel Scholarship is given annually, and alternately, by the history and social sciences departments. It is presented to a nontraditional history or social sciences major that best exemplifies the two qualities which marked John V. Friel’s life — a zest for learning and commitment to helping others.